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How to determine if your child needs a therapy session?

Children can demonstrate an array of emotions and behavioral changes that can determine if they need therapeutic intervention. If you notice sudden behavioral changes in your child it may indicate anxiety or depression and calls for a therapy session.

Children's Therapy

Today's Youth, LLC has the best team of child therapists in CT. Our trained therapist understand that young adolescents do not have the brain compacity to understand, compartmentalize and then respond to situations that may be too much for them to comprehend. Our trained therapist can help them to understand and deal with all sorts of stressors such as family issues, school problems and anxiety just to name a few. Don’t our adolescents deserve to live their best life?

When is therapy for children necessary?

Our team of therapists can help your adolescent with solution to any behavioral anomaly. As we know adolescents can experience a wide range of emotions and feelings as they grow up. Remember they learn from watching the adults around them. These “adult” emotions can be confusing and difficult for a child to comprehend, which may cause them to exhibit an array of emotions and behavioral that seem confusing and not the norm. Our therapists understand the delicate nature of dealing with children and offer various therapeutic interventions to help improve your child’s mental health and sustainability. Let us help you, give our office a call to schedule a session.

Behavioral Therapy:

Our experts have years of experience in dealing with adolescents and working with ill-behaviors. If your child is demonstrating signs of rebellion or aggressive behavior, our counselors can help.


We offer comprehensive counseling services to adolescents, adults and families dealing with various issues including depression and anxiety. Schedule an appointment with our therapists today to discuss your adolescents or family needs.



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