At Today’s Youth, LLC we are aware of the stress that paperwork can cause and we work hard to ensure a seamless, stress-free referral and registration process. Please find a link to our referral form for:

  • Outpatient office/Outpatient office in-home Family Therapy
  • Outpatient office/Outpatient office in-home Individual Therapy
  • Court-Ordered Supervised Visitation
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Family & Individual Functional Assessment
  • Drug & Alcohol Assessment

If you prefer to contact TYLLC directly for help with the forms, please telephone the office at (860) 904-7843 or message TYLLC via email message at

Please know that we understand the difficulties with managing the costs of healthcare. We have stepped into a great time for healthcare, and accept many health plans.  If you need assistance, please take a moment to contact us.  TYLLC is here to help.

Providers and Health carriers wishing to contact Today’s Youth, LLC, please call our main number, (860) 904-7843.  Our office personnel will be happy to assist you.  All information shared with TYLLC is kept confidential as we adhere to the strictest of HIPAA standards.

We accept referrals for court-ordered supervised visitation, outpatient in-home counseling, outpatient office therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, marriage counseling, couples counseling, case management, and substance abuse.

We receive from many referral sources – Self-referrals, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Connecticut Husky Health Insurance, Connecticut State Agencies and other community providers.