In Home Psychotherapy in Hartford

Here is some information about us. Today’s Youth, LLC (TYLLC) was founded in 2007. At that time the need for quality outpatient office/outpatient office in-home therapy for children and families was noted. Providing high quality care that was convenient for children and families was a fundamental goal of the organization. Ten years later the need for outpatient office/outpatient office in-home therapeutic services is greater than ever. Meanwhile, TYLLC’s focus on high quality, convenient, therapeutic services for families remains consistent.

Today’s Youth, LLC is a behavioral health agency, providing in home family therapy and counseling to youth and families in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut. TYLLC also offers court-ordered supervised visitation services. TYLLC accepts Husky Insurance, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield along with most types of benefit plans. TYLLC offers:

  • Outpatient Office/Outpatient Office In-home psychotherapy approach to counseling focused on assisting youth, their parents, and/or other caregivers toward obtaining an optimal mental health status and improved behavioral functioning within residential, community, and school environments
  • Academically qualified and experienced clinicians
  • A collaborative approach to counseling families by which we develop and implement individualized and evidence-based treatment plans
  • TYLLC also completes the intake process with perspective clients and families prior to assigning clinicians to optimize effectiveness of treatment
  • Therapeutic interventions are implemented in counseling using proven techniques
  • Family-centered programming which emphasizes a supportive and nurturing approach to treatment and services
  • Flexibility in scheduling to accommodate clients’ needs


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