Today’s Youth, LLC provides outpatient office/in-home therapeutic services, individual and family counseling, court-ordered supervised visitation, group sessions and works to bring families together with:

Clinical Services:

▪   Diagnosis and Assessment

▪   Individual and Family Therapy

▪   Substance Abuse Evaluation

▪   Anger/Behavior Management & Modification

▪   Court-Ordered Supervised Visitation

We Treat Issues Related To:

▪   Depression & Anxiety

▪   Opposition & Defiance

▪   Anger & Acting Out

▪   Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity (ADD & ADHD)

▪   Truancy/Academics

▪   Bullying Issues

▪   Family Relationships

▪   Domestic Violence

▪   Separation & Divorce

▪   Family Reunification

▪   Autism Spectrum Disorders

▪   Drug/Alcohol Addictions

▪   Grief/Bereavement/Trauma

We provide both family and individual counseling in a personalized manner. TYLLC completes the intake process with perspective clients and families prior to assigning clinicians to optimize effectiveness of treatment. All treatment plans are a result of collaboration between the clients and the clinician and are customized to the client, on a case-by-case basis.  Treatment plans are evidenced-based and reviewed regularly, a minimum of every 6 months, to ensure that goals remain relevant and appropriate.  Length of treatment is dependent upon the needs of clients, not predetermined.  Every case and every client are respected as individual situations and every effort is made to ensure optimal results.

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