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Internal forces:  Behavioral healthcare issues are most often detected within the day-to-day family life.  Raising children is complicated enough, but when internal forces not easily understood nor dealt with such as the Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD, ODD come into the picture – life can seem complicated – perhaps even overwhelming.

External forces: When families face fragmentation and find themselves on the reactionary end of other decisions – life can seem complicated. Important work performed by social services and the justice department may entail rules and restrictions which families may find stressful and difficult with which to comply.

When both internal and external forces are combined – hope is important, but simply not enough.  You must have the help of a complete agency, so there can even be more than hope.  You need “a plan” and a team of professionals to help to implement that plan.  Of course, individuals can get through these times without assistance, but why put yourself and your loved ones through the rigors of social services and the justice system without help when help is available. Regardless of your family’s issue, TYLLC has an experienced staff trained to be that helping hand. There is help through group or individual counseling and supervised visitation.  All you should do is contact us at 860-904-7843, email: or complete the contact form.

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