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Connecticut In-Home Family Therapy & Counseling

Today’s Youth, LLC is a community-based, behavioral health agency for children, adults, and families. Today’s Youth, LLC is located in Greater Hartford, Connecticut. We extend outpatient office/outpatient in-home clinical counseling; and court-ordered supervised visitation CT throughout the entire Greater Hartford, Meriden, Bristol, and New Britain areas of Connecticut.

We Offer Bilingual Therapy

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Children learn what they live. Parents tend to forget that children absorb their surroundings. A child’s mind gathers and stores information from what they see and hear. Children use those experiences to form their own opinions. It can be confusing. The right therapist can assist your child in understanding and navigating their feelings.

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Adult Therapy

Many adults suffer from anxiety and depression due to common factors like work-place and homelife pressures and/or an absence of a social life. Therapy can help with coping and building a strong sense of self. Let one of our therapists help you feel confident at setting boundaries and understanding what is important to you.

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Family Therapy

Maintaining a strong family unit is a challenge we all encounter. Family is important, because all of us need love and support, and a family’s love is unconditional. Our families are with us for the joy and the sorrow. Can we be a closer family? Yes. Family Therapy provides a safe space for the personal growth of every family member and the family unit as a whole.

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Office Therapy

Some people feel comfortable with a traditional office setting which is why we continue to offer professional therapy rendered in one of our two offices located in Hartford or Bristol, CT.

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In-Home Therapy

With in-home therapy, the psychotherapist can benefit from experiencing the client’s life in a more complete way which helps to understanding what the client is experiencing. In-home therapy makes it possible for the therapist to suggest life changes in the home to support the client’s growth.

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"Court-ordered supervised visitation” is an indication that the Department of Justice has determined that your child’s safety has been at risk and are looking for a third non bias party to give them a better picture. These court orders have a lot of rules and regulations that are designed to protect your child. Our supervised visitation monitors will work with you and your child to guide the healing, nurturing process. If reunification is warranted, a therapist may be needed. The supervised visitation monitor submits a report after each visit and forward these reports either to your attorney or family court liaison.

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Today’s Youth’s, LLC d/b/a practice management software is for Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, Marriage Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, and Alcohol Drug Counselor practices.

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Why Choose Us

In-Home Psychotherapy in Greater Hartford

Here is some information about us. Today’s Youth’s, LLC (TYLLC) was founded in 2007. At that time the need for quality outpatient office/outpatient office in-home therapy for children and families was noted. Providing high quality care that was convenient for children and families was a fundamental goal of the organization. Ten years later the need for outpatient office/outpatient office in-home therapeutic services is greater than ever. Meanwhile, TYLLC’s focus on high quality, convenient, therapeutic services for families remains consistent. Today’s Youth’s, LLC is a behavioral health agency, providing in home family therapy.

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  • Outpatient Office/Outpatient Office In-home psychotherapy approach to counseling focused on assisting youth, their parents, and/or other caregivers toward obtaining an optimal mental health status and improved behavioral functioning within residential, community, and school environments
  • Licensed therapists
  • A collaborative approach to counseling families by which we develop and implement individualized and evidence-based treatment plans
  • TYLLC also completes the intake process with perspective clients and families prior to assigning clinicians to optimize effectiveness of treatment
  • Therapeutic interventions are implemented in counseling using proven techniques


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